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Fixed some links to the new gallery. Updated filmography

The picture gallery was broken. Replaced by a new version and optimized the design. Enjoy!

Added caps from the 2005 movie Think Tank to the gallery. Thanks to ThunderWulf for the images.

Updated the Filmography and Links page

Updated the forum software to a new release with new functions and more shiny *bling*bling* ;-)
Have fun!

- Changed the site layout
- Replaced the gfx headings by text headings
- Added the wallpapers again

The Veronica Mars and the Lifehouse captures are online in my gallery. Thanks to gatomon and patryk for the pictures!

Repaired the crashed picture gallery.. I bungled some of the config files this week... doh! ;-)

Re-uploaded the videos to the review sites (go to filmography, then click to the movie name) of the movies, a total amount of about 60 megabytes in 13 files is now available for download :-)

Added the Andre DVD captures to the gallery. Like the other captures, without watermark for maximum pleasure! :-)

If you believe it or not ;-) most of the pictures, screencaps, presskit scans are up again! :-)
The style of the original gallery slightly modified so it better fits in the rest of the website.

Maybe you also noted that they are no more "tinamajorino.8m.com" watermarks in the images. I decided to appeal to your fairness that you do not "steal" my images. Thanks :-)

The missing parts will be completet within the next weeks, if not, kick me by email ;-)

Also most of the title images are fixed and the image on the mainpage is back again :-)

Edit: I almost forgot to fix the picture on the entry page. Done!


There is an new interview with Tina @turtlesoup.tv.

Thanks guys!

The server is up and running again on the new line! Gallery updates coming soon!! :-)

Planned downtime, next friday (2005-04-01) till sunday (2005-04-03)

reason: server movement to a new ISP.

So, finally, after a looong workday!


I wish you all the best and keep up your good work. We're all waiting to see your next movie ASAP :-)

Added finally Napoleon Dynamite and Think Tank to the filmography... shame on me.. ;-)

I had some issues with my image host and since some days the host is completly down :-(
If someone could host images until end of january (then the server should be up again), please contact me! thanks!

Thanks folks for your mostly positive feedback! I'll try to realise your suggestions with further updates as good as possible.

Yesterday I thought about what I could do here with my Tina website... I don't know! What do you want to see here? Comments, suggestions? Let me know!


Happy 19th Birthday Tina!

Again, two new pictures from Napoleon Dynamite, here and here
Thanks alot to Efren for these pictures

Found two new pictures from Napoleon Dynamite. here and here

Today i found two new pictures of Tina, the first one, a agency photo from Waterworld and the second one, a agency photo from Alice in Wonderland

Some layout & color changes

According to IMDB Napoleon Dynamite will be shown for the first time in January 2004 at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah

Why didnt Anuck you told me about her Tina Majorino Fanlisting? Its kinda cool to know that my website is not the last and only one on the planet :-)
Added it to my links page, thanks Anuck

Anuck found some news about Tina, you can read here about her current doing.


There is also a picture I've never seen before. Thanks Anuck

Rubi from Spain informed me today about some really great news :-)
It seems that Tina acts in a new movie called Napoleon Dynamite. More infos here
Thanks Rubi!

I just read that Michael Jeter, the Old Gregor from Waterworld died at the end of March. Rest in peace!

I know, the updates are very rare. The cause for this is that there are unfortunately no news. And my spare time is very rare, especially due the last months.
I hope that we hear someting new about Tina ASAP, but the only thing we actually can do is to wait :(

Happy 18th Birthday Tina!

I still cant believe it that I finally completed the Andre DVD captures :-)

Added a the new portrait picture to the main page

Some weeks ago I upgraded the server software to a newer version and didnt noticed the incompatibilities with the forum software. I uploaded a new forum software today and the problems should be fixed now.

Today I found a recent addition to the IMDB Its a new picture of Tina, I couldn't find a date or something, but I guess its the most recent one on the net. You can view the picture here

And the Andre DVD caps coming soon! I just have to find some free webspace to upload the pictures

Some small changes

I just want to straight out that I'm still alive :o) The problem is that my spare time became very tight. I have the videocaps from the Andre DVD here but I just cant find a some time to finalize the pics and build them into the website. I hope you can understand my situation. I cant promise it yet, but maybe I have some more time at the end of august to make a hughe update. I'll see what I can do.

Uploaded the Corrina, Corrina music video again. Thanks Alex for the webspace.

Kilio really did it :( They closed their free webspace service.

Many pictures were down due the night, its fixed now and should't happen again :)

Most of the movie trailers are up again!
Thanks alot Alex, it wouldn't be possible without your help.

Kilio (my main free hoster) announced that they close down their service due heavy abuses on april 14. Most of my picture galleries are affected, but I have some other places to store the data.
I'll see what I can do to keep up the gallery as good as possible.

Good news :-) I got the Andre DVD today, maybe I have some time next weekend to take some captures. Stay tuned!

The site is up again, after two days unplanned server downtime. The responsible programs are upgraded and all should work again.

Upped the images to a new server. The pictures should now work again.

Again, problems with the images storage space. Will try to fix this ASAP.

Fixed all pictures and title images

Added captures from the PAL DVD Before Women had Wings

Added a new header image to the messageboard

Added a mirror of jeremy's homepage
This site was once located here
Jeremy if you read this and dont want a mirror on my website, please contact me by email, I tried to contact you but no luck at all

A happy 17th birthday Tina!

There is something wrong with the external pictures.. Even if you cant see the thumbnails, most of the pictures should still work. I'll check this next weekend

Yeah! I found a "Before women had Wings" DVD :)
If I have some time left at the end of the week I'll do some captures and up them here. Stay tuned!

Added two links to Waterworld related
Found on Chris' page that Waterworld 2 should be released
as "Waterworld II - The Smokers Rise"

Cool! They finally made an Andre DVD! Release date March
12, 2002. Read

I wish you all a happy new year!

Freeservers (my webspace provider) removed ftp access for
free webspace accounts since the 1st december. I moved the site to a
different place, the new address is http://tmj.homeip.net,
but the old one is still active, it just redirects you to the new page.

Added the Link to Rick's Olsen
Twins fan page
Added a new picture on the main site

Fixed the pictures, they should be all up again, the question
is for how long...
Removed the IE only Navigation bar.
Collected some Andre and WaterWorld pictures, they're available
in the picture section

I found a temporary place to up a part of the images. Click
here to get the links

Bye, bye summer, hello fall. Just bad news :-(
Terror attacks in the USA (Please light a candle for the
victims: http://lightacandle.sol.dk/)
And NBCi finally closed down their serivce. That results
in a nearly totally lost for all picture sections & movie clips
on this page. Please be patient, I'll up them again ASAP.

I heard some rumours about Waterworld 2: The sequel...
news are posted here.

Added some family related information. Fixed some broken

Added pictures from various press kits to the pictures

Xoom announced that they close down their homepage service
For the pictures I found a new
storage space, but not for all the movies :o(
I'll do my best to find a new storage space, but a temporary
unavailability ist inevitable.

Holidays are just fine :o)

I created a new messageboard, I dont think that there's so much to
talk about Tina, cause we don't heard anything about her since more
than a year. Due this fact, this message board is not just fixed in
topic to Tina Majorino. See you there

New Tina
Majorino & misc. Messageboard

It seems that Xoom could fix their problems, all picture
sections are up and running fine :o)

Xoom still has some serious problems :o(
I hope they fix them, or maybe I'll change the webspace

Happy 4th July!
Bad news, my messageboard service provider closed down
their service :(
And I know about the fact that Xoom has more down than
uptime ;o) I keep my eys open for good and fast webspace. Till the next
update, yours Webmaster

The complete site is up again and runs fine :o) The question
is for how long...

The pictures are up again, but now all videos are down

The Pictures are up again, but temporary on a backup server.
The download speed could be slow :(

Sorry folks, again troubles with my webspace. All pictures are temporary
down :( I'll fix that ASAP

Much improved Navigation frame. Try it with your Browser,
if it fails, you still have the old one :)

Fixed all movie files and added a guide how to join the
downloaded movie files

Added the Index pages to the movie download directories,
so you can easy click and download the parts to your harddisk.
Fixed some errors in the links.

16:30 - Remarked some strangely problems by accessing the pictures
section. Took the section temporary down.
00:13 - Fixed the problems in the pictures section, all
pictures are up again.
Added the link to Vojgets Tina
Majorino page

Did some design changes and a new openening page with automatic forwarding to the main page.

It seems that my webspace provider installed a new "lock",
so that you cant download the movie trailers and interviews anymore
:( But.. I found a fix for the problem, I just renamed the files to
.class, so when you download files, follow these steps:
1. Download all files from the directory to your harddrive, then put
them all together in the same directory, thats important!
2. Rename all .0xx.class files to .0xx (xx indicates a number, beacause
the movie files are spilitted for easier downloading with a slow connection)
3. Execute the .exe File and extract (& join) the movie to a directory
of your choice. Thats it! Enjoy

Added some infos on the "About Tina" page.

Added a 2nd Andre Desktop Wallpaper made with the new pictures of
the LaserDisc. Enjoy!

I found finally some spare time to complete the Andre stills (now
from LaserDisc). The quality is much better than VHS, but a little bit
more blurrier than DVD.
I planned to remake the Andre Desktop wallpaper. The images on the
current one are still from VHS (-> bad)
Since a couple of weeks, some guys are spamming William's
. Don't help these lamers, it's best if you don't even
respond to their posts. Thanks


Huh www.messagefriends.com (my current messageboard provider) close
down the service on friday night :( So I had to find a new messageboard
provider. I choosed www.coolboard.com, hope their business is better
than the messagefriends.

I mirrored the old posts and up them ASAP as normal HTML pages on
this webserver, so that you can read old posts

I recognized some problems with the new navigation frame and Netscape
Browsers. The problem is that Netscape Browsers doesn't support layers
correctly, Opera and IE does .. so what should I do? Change back to
the old navframe? Make a 2nd variant specially for Netscape users? I'll
try to find the best solution

Changed the style of the navigation frame. Do
you like the new style?

Added the availability of the movies listen in the filmography (DVD,VHS...)
plus the Links to Amazon.com and other online stores, if not available
on Amazon

Added the Wallpaper section
to the picture page
Done some small site modification

Fixed now all video deathlinks, hope they hold for a longer time than
the old ones ;)

They killed my video files again ! I dont know why? I had no problems
in the past. And its not illegal material. Hmmm. I up it tonight again.
Hope its better this time ;)

Fixed some links, it seems that I forgot it to change them to the
new addess ;)
I add a new picture section soon, with some wallpaper pictures.
If you have some and want to share them with us, send
the pictures compressed to my e-mail adress

If you want to download a trailer or cutout video file, click on the
link and save every file in the directory to your HD, after open the
.exe file and extract all these files. Note: The self extractor is a
Win32 program, if you're using a mac or another platform, bad luck,
sorry. Its only, I cant save the files in 20 different format for every
platform and OS
Added two interviews with Tina from the production of Santa Fe
Added the Theatrical Trailer
to "When a man loves a woman"

Added the Santa Fe theatrical Trailer

Fixed a strange bug on the Corrina,Corrina
Review page (the table has a size of 2200 Pixels, perhaps I added a
zero too much once in a early morning ;-)

Removed the Birthday layout after more than
a week. You can still view the Birthday card

Added some Infos to the review pages (release
I took some stills from "Before
women had wings
". I'll upload the images as soon as possible.
Hope I can do this next weekend.


Happy Birthday Tina Majorino!

I wish you a cozy and lovely 16th Birthday.
Uploaded the birthday
with a birthday card for Tina. Maybe she read it :)

If you want to say something, make a post into
the message
or write me an e-mail.
Updated some various pages

Nearly complete the reviews for all movies

Wow, what a wonder, I could complete the Santa
stills today
And I got the VHS "Before women had wings"
today, when I have some spare time left, I will add these stills here

Sorry for these long update delay, but I cant
find enought time to update the site :-(
Hope this will be better next week, tree days
ago I begun to made the stills from Santa Fe, but I couldn't compete
them yet
The next update will come for sure

The first update in the new year, a new year,
new work !
Completly removed the NoFrames entrance, also
deleted the files
I have now the DVD Santa Fe, I will capture
the stills soon (most likely next weekend)

So Christmas is over again, and I am back here
right now
Added the Gallery to "Before
Woman had Wings
" many thanks to Alex

Fixed some problems in generally HTML code,
continued some parts of the reviews (still not finished ;-)

Merry christmas and a happy new year.
I hope I can find some time to complete the reviews, specially the Waterworld
and the When a man loves a
reviews. Added a christmas style title to the main page.
Added a Java based News Ticker for a better
overview about changes on the site
Some deathlinks fixed in the Picture

Added the new Waterworld
(source: RC2 DVD) encoded into MPEG4, filesize ~7.70MB,
112kbit/s MP3 Sound

Removed the NoFrames version, because I think
everyone has a frame capable browser today, otherwise get
one ;-)

Added the new Waterworld
stills (from DVD, captured by myself)
You see its going onward with this
site. Nearly all pictures are now captured
by myself and the reviews are partially
written (I hope I can complete these soon), but first I need some sleep.
Its again three o`clock in the morning ;-)

Added the new When a
man loves a woman gallery
captured from DVD

Remove some forgotten almost identic pictures
in the Alice in Wonderland gallery
Finally, the Corrina Corrina pictures are uploaded
now ! That was a hard work. All images are captured by me from the RC1
DVD. The funny thing at all was, when I was finished with my capture
work, going to delete the old images copyrighted by childstarlets, I
saw, that the most scenes taken are the same ! But I dont look first
wich scenes childstarlets choosed.

Added more than 300 stills to the Alice
in Wonderland gallery
and the song
performed by Tina
at the end of the movie (DivX)
Some pictures added
in the others section
Almost finished the new picture
from Corrina, Corrina. But I`ve finished the Alice
first. Hope I can find some time next days to finish this
work. The new gallery has about 150 stills (at this time)
I need your opinion to this page, which content
do you want to see here ? More infos or images to a special film or
general informations ? Or do you prefer video clips ? Send me a mail
or make a post into the forum

Added new Andre still
(from VHS) if anyone owns the movie on VideoCD or DVD or
another digital format (not captured from VHS ;-) please contact

Begun to snap some good stills from Corrina,
Corrina (not finished yet)
Resorted all !! pictures,
deleted some forgotted duplicates, reupped the pictures
Till I have some time to complete my capture
work I use some images from childstarlets.com. Please be patient, the
new images will come soon
I need your opinion. Is digilander reachable
faster from USA than the 8m webspace ? Please e-mail
me comments
. Thanks
Huh a lot to do, need some sleep

Added the Messageboard. You can reach the discussion
by clicking on the button named "Message Board"
Added the english "Corrina, Corrina"
movie trailer
Resorted all images (a lot of work :-)

Added Alex Atkin's Child-Starlets
& Young Actresses Web Site
to the Links
I got the original Corrina,
DVD today. Will upload the Trailer (this time the english
version ;-) soon (saturday night)
Should I up more pictures (vidcaps) or do you
prefer videos ? contact

A more proxy friendly version uploaded (pictures
now stored on digiland webspace
Today I add some Corrina,
Videos (comments from Tina to the movie, trailer, music
video (somewhere over the rainbow)

There are still some problems with Netscape
browsers if you want to view the picture albums. I thinks its about
the missed "lowres" tag in the albums. will fix this
Trailers to Waterworld
and Alice in Wonderland
added. Corrina, Corrina will follow soon

Add the movie reviews to "every"
Hope I find time soon to complete my review work (don`t want to drag&drop
from other pages, if not necessary)
Need some sleep ;-) The next will be done soon !! promised

Monday the 13. Much work for such a bad day of the week :o)
New page titles added (gfx)
Added CSS Styles for all pages. If you have problems with CSS Styles
send me an e-mail,
perhaps I can help you to fix this problem
Prepare to up some stills from "Andre" (VHS), finishing
that next weekend

New month, new content. The filmography
is updated now
I could get now the DVD from Waterworld,
new pictures will be up soon
Added the more infos button on the filmography

Frame version updated
Many pictures uploaded

Frame version uploaded

1st version uploaded