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Original name
Before Women had Wings
Production USA, 1997
Release Date USA: 2 November 1997; Canada: 26 October 1997
Genre Drama
Directed by
Lloyd Kramer
Running Lenght  
Connie May Fowler adapted her own novel for this dark drama about a dysfunctional family in northern rural Florida during the '60s. Alcoholic Billy (John Savage) reflects on his country-music career that never happened and beats his wife Glory Marie (Ellen Barkin), also a drunk. Grown-up son Hank (William Lee Scott) has moved away, but teenaged Phoebe (Julia Stiles) and sensitive nine-year-old Bird (Tina Majorino) have to live in the bleak alcoholic atmosphere. Problems escalate after Billy kills himself. The three females move into a trailer where the girls are subjected to a torrent of abuse from their mom. Fortunately, benign Miss Zora (Oprah Winfrey) appears like a guardian angel to lift their spirits. First of a half-dozen TV movies produced by Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Films for ABC, this was shot in Ojai, California, and premiered 11/2/97 on ABC